About Us
“Where Your Dreams Become Beautiful Memories”

I’ve worked very hard to become certified through a home based computer class with Thomas Education Direct. Once I became certified I’ve worked as an outside contractor with various Travel Agencies.

As of the present we’ve been on twelve cruises with five different cruise lines in the last fifteen years with family and friends.  We’ve been to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and several destinations in the Caribbean.  Although cruising has been a big part of our vacations, we’ve enjoyed several trips to Disney .

Vacations can be stressful if your not sure what you want. That’s where I can help. I can get you the best price for your money.  And the internet savvy people think you’ve found the best deal—give me a chance because just maybe I can get you a better deal!  Plus having a Travel Agent represent you if you encounter problems means you won’t have to deal with the Vendors', WE WILL!   (PS: And you’ll miss out on our nice gifts!)

My goal here at Linda’s Travels is to make sure you have the best time of your life where your dreams can become beautiful memories. One thing is for sure, God has created some beautiful landscapes! So just don’t look at the pictures and dream about it - DO IT!  Turn your dream into a beautiful memory!

Thank You and God Bless,

Linda Stevens 



Hi, My name is Linda Stevens and let me just say thanks for visiting my website.  I’ m a home based agent in the Clarksville, TN area with two wonderful daughters, four grandchildren and a very loving and supportive husband. This whole adventure started a long time ago with my love for travel. But mainly my faith in God has led me to start this business with my Husband Don.

The next time you see a Palm Tree - Remember This!